Just for fun-project

Slack icons

It all started a day in school when me and my classmate Robert were so quick with our assignment that we had some time left. So decided to do some charicatures of all the other classmates just for fun. We later showed our creations to our friends and they laughed. I later continued to make these type of icons because of the positive reactions we got. I finished all the icons and put them in the class' chatgroup on Slack. It made it more fun to react with my classmates and I was so happy with the great feedback I got, which was the reason I continued to do more of them.

I made an extra one for my teacher, as well :)


Mi scusi

Because of my Italian heritage I got a bunch of pictures and memes send to me every day, so I decided to make something that I could use ase a response. The name "Mi scusi" derivates from a bad joke in a movie called Eurotrip.