Web design and coding - Raket Webbyrå

Aqua Hår

This was my first project from my internship at Raket Webbyrå. I got to design it with another design intern and got to code it with a developer intern. 
The hair salon is situated in two cities and the client wanted the website to be divided into two parts: one for the salon in Stenungsund and one for the salon in Trollhättan.
We started with an intelligence analysis and from there decided how to structure the menu and setting up a sitemap. We then continued by making som sketches by hand and later do some wireframes in Sketch.


To work in Wordpress and to design a website for a hair salon situated in two different locations.
The biggest challenge was to code the entire website. I had never worked in Sass or PHP before, but I learned during the way. I got a lot of help from my colleagues and from the developer intern I worked with. Neither of us had had a big project like this in WordPress before, so it was a challenge for the both of us. Another challenge was to set up the menu structure. The two salons had different range of products and treatments, so we had to come up with something that would fit both sites.

End product:

New WordPress website. Check it out here!